The Ministry of Motivation

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Ministry of Motivation is a powerful, inspirational work of cultural and spiritual elevation. His words are candid; his motive is encouraging, his mission is clear. The fifteen fabulous keys are a must for anyone seeking to enhance their quality of life.; Dr. Louis R. Hilton III, Educational Consultant, and Cultural Historian ;Allen Bryson is a brilliant motivator and any reader can sense his dedication and passion in every word. His combination of poetry and motivation speaking is truly powerful. Ministry of Motivation truly inspires and lifts us all with the notion of the bright skies of our futures.; Christopher Freeburg, Professor of English University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign ” Bryson’s work should be applauded because it is powerful, insightful, and quite timely. His words are poetic, profound and have quite a memorable impact. Rev. Jessie L Jackson Sr., Operation Push Rainbow Coalition “Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready for a life filled with victory and promise? Are you ready to turn promise into practice? EbonyEnergy Publishing presents the author of Sleeping with My Eyes Open: Deposits Slips of my Soul who delivers even more in his second publication. Motivational speaker, author and spoken word artist Allen J. Bryson offers Ministry of Motivation; a powerful collection inspirational and uplifting motivational speeches juxtaposed with powerful, thought provoking poems.” ;Bryson promises Ministry of Motivation will be a life changing work. He introduces the Fifteen Fabulous Keys to Success; a mantra of life changing behaviors that will have a substantial impact upon your perception of life and inspire a life lived victoriously. As with his previous publication, Bryson continues to offer inspirational, reflective, educational, entertaining and encouraging poems that you will thoroughly enjoy. Bryson hopes that the messages within these pages will facilitate your WALK IN VICTORY.