The Importance of Learning Theories in Online Education

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The current theories of behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism are important in online education. It is a developmental process and does not end when adulthood is researched but rather continues to process in a variety of ways. Adult development theories have a produced influence on thinking about adult learning because adults’ learning behavior arise considerably due […]

Cultural Comparison: The Importance of Cultural Differences in Higher Education

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Culture Comparisons  Cultural diversity is prominent in many settings, including higher education classrooms. Over the past decade, online classes have become more popular than ever. It is important for higher education professionals to address cultural diversity including the impact it has in an online environment. It is important to define first cultural diversity before understanding […]

Staying Relevant in Today’s Economy

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You must innovate, grow and succeed in today’s economy. On-line educators and facilitators should understand how to apply instructional design techniques, learning theory, and technical tools for e-learning activities as well as strategies for addressing the challenges associated with the e-learning environment. Please following the link below to PowerPoint presentation overview that focuses on the […]